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Although importing from your iCloud Photo Library is a separate UI from Pixelmator Photo’s document browser, it’s just one tap away. Tapping either the plus button on the Dropbox right side of the toolbar or the rectangular Import Photo button at the top of the document browser’s list of files switches to a view of your iCloud Photo Library. From this separate import view, you can also mark images as favorites, which you’ll see reflected the next time you open the Photos app.

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In this article, we’re focusing on 36 best photo apps for every photographer’s smartphone. Our recommendations are based on the photo app features, their ease-of-use, and social sharing capabilities. We should first notice that the program is easy to use – the tools are placed in a logical layout and are easily accessible.

It also runs smoothly and does not require a huge amount of processing power. Affinity Photo is a superb photo enhancer software, available as both an app for Apple IPads and as a desktop program too. This MAC program also has some neat features such as text overlays, quick selection tools, and layer tools. The interface is sometimes clunky as different windows pop-up, but the auto enhancements are superb. The other thing you might notice is the interface and layout – Studio X has had a big improvement in usability.

Made for photographers, artists, designers and small businesses – Pixpa’s website builder makes it easy to showcase, sell and share your work online. Crello doesn’t require having special skills and is so easy to learn that it takes just a couple of minutes to figure out how to create videos, animations, and graphic designs that look wonderful. This photo transfer app is particularly useful for iPhone users who will find it extremely difficult to pull or otherwise download photos from their smartphone’s internal album. WiFi Photo Transfer allows your iPhone and computer or laptop to communicate together over the same WiFi connection and easily transfer photos or photo albums between the two devices. This photo app is the brainchild of Joby, who is a leading manufacturer of camera accessories.

Aside from the usual editing tools (e.g. crop, borders and captioning), Camera+ offers advanced tools, like tone adjustment tool, red-eye remover, vignette, straightening and white balance. The only disadvantage of editing in Snapseed is its gesture-based tools which are quite challenging to use for first-time users.

GorillaCam includes several useful and exciting features such as time-lapse capabilities, self-timing photo shooting, and a rapid-fire photo shoot function. So long as your smartphone can take pictures, you can use GorillaCam to snap photos at a faster rate with better overall quality. The time-lapse feature does require that the phone is continuously running and awake to work correctly, which can lead to your phone battery draining at a faster rate. When utilizing this function, make sure that you switch off your phone’s auto-sleep function and use whatever battery-saving features you can. To achieve this effect, Cortex Camera takes several photos in a very short amount of time and blends them in the chance that you might have been moving slightly while taking the picture. By averaging out the overall image with its duplicates, Cortex Camera can efficiently create a clear photo with no graininess or artifact. This app works just as well as a more traditional light meter, but like other photo apps, it can be a part of your smart phone’s overall tool chest that fits comfortably in your pocket.

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In my experience, it works best when the contrast between what you are trying to remove and the background is high. For example, a telephone wire or airplane against a bright sky or a cigarette butt lying on the beach. The feature can’t perform magic, but in the right circumstances, it can remove something that would otherwise distract from the image you are editing.

By default, the tools appear on the right side of the iPad’s screen, but they can be dragged to the left-hand side or off to the side and out of sight. The healing tool does an excellent job removing small objects from a scene.

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